Music of The Day (MoTD): Sondre Lerche - Lucky Guy

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've listened to Sondre Lerche's songs since I was in high school, but I've started to follow his musics for 4 years ago. It was Java Jazz Festival 2011 where I finally watched his live performance, awesome memories! I also met some new friends who also enjoy listening Sondre Lerche, and we always keep updated each others.

Some people might don't know very well about him. His phenomenon songs are "Two Way Monologue" and "Heartbeat Radio". But, speaking of him, I got big news to share! He'll come to Jakarta, and I've already purchased the tickets! YEAY!

Also, several months ago, he has released his new album, Please, and it's great album. I really miss to hear his new songs so badly! So, right after I got the album, I listened to the whole of it, and I favorited one song. Guess what, I really like Lucky Guy. I don't know exactly why I like very much this song. But, one thing I could describe is it is a VERY Sondre's song!

Sorry, I couldn't find it at Soundcloud, but you could hear it from this site:

Sondre Lerche - Lucky Guy - Hør låta i WiMP


Here's the official video of Lucky Guy

and, like usual, below is the lyrics... hope you enjoy guys! xoxo Angger

Lucky Guy

I am such a lucky guy
to have meant the world to you
Held on, to you, almost, held my own

I am such a lucky guy
to have seen the world through you
So hell bent out of shape tonight

I won't lie
Baby, you broke me
I am truly a lucky guy

You are such a lucky girl
to have loved and believed it
By design, from within your bones

You are such a lucky girl,
my voice breaks so I'll sing it
Carve out one final tune tonight

I won't lie
Baby, you broke me
I am truly a lucky guy

We are such a lucky two,
in the shape of an island
Less so, as we approach mainland

We were such a lucky two,
so immune to the motion
So untouchable till tonight

I won't lie
Baby, you broke me
I am truly a lucky guy

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