Music of The Day (MoTD): Walk Off the Earth (WOTE)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hints: this post has no related to anything of climates, weathers, etc.
Fun fact:
Walk Off the Earth is a band of five beautiful and awesome humans: Sarah, Gianni, Joel, Taylor, and Marshall.

I've heard their musics since they covered Gotye's phenomenon song "Somebody I Used to Know" and made a superb creative video with ideas of five people playing together in one guitar. Sounds awesome, right? Here's the prove of it:

Featuring Terry "KRNFX", they also played covers of "I knew you were trouble", "Am I wrong?", "Natalie", etc.

But, my favorites from them are:


OMG! Have you seen their videos? How is it possible, five creative and multi-talented musicians in one incredible band? the answer is Walk Off the Earth.

ps. They're making video right now. If you also like them, please support them on their website Patreon (and become Patron Family!!!!)
pss. I hope WOTE could come and play to Indonesia, so I can see their performance LIVE!

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