A Night Walk in Marseille

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I like to walk. Every morning I always walk from the stop bus to my office, it's about 15 mins far. It's very calm and healthy thing to do. Since I don't really into running or working out and stuff, so I prefer to walk. Exploring every street, with my headset on and my favorite songs in the playlist, freedom. When I walked, I imagined my self walking in riverside park, somewhere in Paris. Why Paris? Because Paris is my very-bucket list place to visit. Once I watched one of Woody Allen's movies, Midnight in Paris, I completely in love with Paris and I just want to walk around Paris at night, and never get tired to do it over and over. The old buildings, statues, pathways, cafe, lamps, and of course Eifel tower. It's true when Gil (Owen Wilson) said "Paris when it's just getting dark - the lights go on - or at night - it's great at night.." at the very beginning of the movie, even though I haven't been in Paris for the whole of my life. But I can imagine the beautiful-ness, romantic-ness, and it's just....perfect moment.

Promenade nocturne means a night walk, and walk means happiness to me. And Google just gave me that beautiful gift, a chance to walk in Paris, at night, and I can do it all by myself, alone from my bedroom, thanks Google! That brilliant idea called Promenade Nocturne with Google.com. Actually it's more likely Google Street View, but the Promenade Nocturne is more interactive than the Google Street View. Promenade Nocturne has small map showing directions and few hotspots in Marseille, guide-speaker, detailed different background sounds wherever you go to different places, and also you can watch videos on the larger screen. Yeah, keep calm and put your headset on! That's my cool way to enjoy the walk, and Promenade Nocturne thinks the same too :) 

As you can see above, it has colored paths too, green and grey, you can choose both! And you can hear those guys playing football activity.
You can choose so many places you want to go at the small map, and to everyplace you'll go, the guide speaker will tell you about story of them.
Yet, we can also watch Jazz live performance, lol...

Isn't it AMAZING right??! Now, hurry up go to Promenade Nocturne site, and don't get too sweaty walking Marsaille... Angger

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