Ain't Quite Good Enough, Tho!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today I receive the final report of my english couse I have taken in LBI UI for about 6 months ago. It was, quite frankly, decreased from my previously scores. I've taken 6 TOEFL Preparation test, and the scores seemed very fluctuate. The very first test, I got 483, the second is the same, then my score increased to 523 at the third. They were my scores from the first level, pretty good as a new beginner I thought. During my fisrt level class, it's quite fun and seemed not quite difficult for me. Because I had english course when I am in 8th grade, but it lasted for only one and a half years. So it's kind a refreshment for me joining english course again. But mostly I learned something different here, and because I took TOEFL Preparation class I learned many tips to get good score in TOEFL test, about how to answer as quick as possible with reducing any possibilities of mistaken, refreshment structure and vocabulary skills, and importantly how to train our ears to listen conversation in listening section. And also, surely I met classmates from various background and different ages, insurance agent, college students, reporter, lecturer assistant, etc. Then I continued to the second level in which I met more difficulties. This is gonna be hard, I thought. But, I felt so enjoyed learning english in my second level class. My teacher, she is very best teacher I've ever met. She taught us about structure and we, my friends and I, had so much fun learning vocabulary and stuff. She made games and other interactive teaching. My friends in my second class are more attractive, funnier, awesome, talkative, and friendly. We shared good times to mingle and surely, times for good laugh. So it's madly sad knowing our class is over.

Then, here comes the day that I have been waiting for more than 2 weeks, my final report! My final report includes first score I've taken from the very beginning of class, called entry test, and final score from our final test. My boyfriend took my report for me, because I'm in the office right now. He informed me I got pretty bad score. At first I thought he's just fibbing. But he sent me picture of my report, and I can't believe it. It's true fact that my score decreased, and I don't know why. Overall, I got 510 for my entry test, 530 for mid-test, and 503 for final test. Yeah, how can I possibly relieve? gosh, I felt sorry and ashamed to my self. But this might be good feedback for me. My boyfriend told me maybe this is because I don't have enough time to study, even after work-hour. I always bring my book to the office, but still I can't get enough time and place to focus on my study. But hey, the world isn't over (yet), I already registered my self to another class, academic writing. So, I should study harder, more focus, and hopefully, I can get enough time to join the scholarship applications. Aamiin! Ganbatte!

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