What do your clothes say about you?

Friday, January 17, 2014

What do your clothes say about you? To discover the hidden meaning in the way your dress, take this quiz from Psychologies Magazine.

I got this from them: You stick to what you know. Classical and sober are words that could define your style. At work you prefer suits, blouses, twin-sets and gold jewellery with your touch of eccentricity, perhaps a colourful scarf. Your preferred colours are usually dark – navy blue, burgundy, beige or grey. Your skin is happy in cotton, satin and wool. On the make-up side of things, you’ve discovered what works for you, and you’re sticking to it. You prefer discretion and your style expresses your concern to be taken seriously and win legitimacy within your social group. Professionally, if you are predominantly in a man’s world, you may be tempted to imitate and adopt their codes. Your clothes are a sign of your adhesion to the rules, explicit and implicit. However, this sobriety and seriousness in no way stop you from being determined and dynamic.

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