Do It Yourself (DIY): Dry Box (for your) Camera Gear

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aloha! Finally I had few free times to share this DIY for you. As a newbie in photography and stuff, I have to learn how my camera work, shoot pictures from different angle, learning about the compotition, editing photo, and also learn how to treat my camera gear. The thing is I lived in tropical climate (also lived in rainy city), which is very humid. And one thing I'm very scare about is, FUNGUS. Yep, they need lots of water to grow (and they grow faster than you could think). This is why fungus are more of a problem in the tropics than in temperate areas of the world. I got this knowledge because of I learn about this stuff in college, and also this was my topic of my bachelor thesis. So, yeah, I concern about this one and start to search any information of a safe place to keep and prevent my camera gear from fungus and dust. There's lots of people who used dry cabinet, dry box, etc. But they're zillion expensive! I also found some people who did DIY dry box, and it's cheaper and great ideas for me (and another people like me).

Then I decided to make my very own dry box, using few tools that you can reach easily in any supermarket. Here's the list of tools that you need:
1. any (air tight) box
2. recycle desiccant dehumidifiers, or you can use champor tablets and silica gel. I usually used Daisap, SerapAir, or you can use Thristy Hippo 

And here's my dry box for my camera gear.
I also put napkins over the camera, lense, dehumidifier, etc to reduce bounce. Angger

PS: here's link for a quick info about dehumidifier and how it worked to reduce humidity. 

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