A Random Story: New Favorite Band (High Highs)

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I’m a sucker of making a review about somethings, such as book, music, movie, etc etc. But I’d like to welcoming this month of May, sharing info about a band called High Highs. I’m not kind of music enthusiasm, believe me! I’m more like a person who like to listening ordinary songs/romantic songs etc you know! So, listening to indie band is like "special case" to me. This reminds me of Eisley. First time I listened Eisleys is "Watch it Die", then downloaded some other songs. Stacy's voice is beautiful, but I'm in love to Chauntelle's. Also, I used to l listen some of indie local bands, ERK and Bangku Taman. Then High Highs came up to me. First time I knew this band is when visiting AOL music web few months ago, and I found this band is in # 1 MP3 of the day.  Besides articles about the band, there's download-able link of their song "In a Dream". Out of curiosity, I downloaded and listened to it. And I LOVE IT! like love at the first sight! Ever since, I watch lot of their performances at youtube, listen most of their songs, I make a playlist only for their songs and I play it all everytime. Well, I definitely can’t describe them as well as many reviewers in web, but I found this interview from Spinner, read it!

How did the band form?
Oli and I met in Sydney, working at the same recording studio, and we started mucking around. I was bringing songs. He was making this dance music but pushing himself in a new direction. We only did two gigs in Sydney. It wasn't that serious. It slowly grew a bit serious. I suppose that's how all bands start, really.

How did you end up in New York?
It's a boring story. We were here working. It was lucky we both came over here so we could pick the project back up. We both work for the same company. First I had an offer to come and then Oli did, too. I was doing my own thing, enjoying the city, writing as well, then when Oli came over, we thought, "This is an incredible opportunity to keep working on High Highs." We were lucky to find a drummer, Zach [Lipkins]. It's definitely gotten more serious since we've been here.

How do two guys who come from very different musical backgrounds write together?
I write a song and bring it to him. Oli has an amazing ear. He knows how to write dance music, but he's also a great producer, great at producing beautiful, warm sounds. Often I'll just bring something in, and we'll record electric or acoustic guitar and sing on it, and he'll work on it for a day, and I'll listen to it and think, "Wow."

As a songwriter, what are your influences?
I love Neil Young. We both love Boards of Canada. Oli is particularly influenced by their sounds. He has a laptop setup with these really textured sounds he's been working on for ages.

Where did the band name come from?
High Highs is the name of song by a band called Viva Voce, who are great. But actually, I didn't know them when I heard the name. My dad -- I consider him to be a cool dad -- listens to the radio in Sydney and recommended the song. The song was great, but I was struck by using the name for a band. I said it to Oli one day, and he said, "Yeah, cool," and it stuck. It's also a bit literal for our style. It sort of describes us. It works well.
I found that Jack’s voice is so damn incredible and handsome too (hehehe), and Oli, he’s awesome in creating beautiful melody! Also, Zach, he's awe! Congrats to them for superb, calm, and heart-warm music.

Pls don’t take too many serious to my post, also forgive my grammar, it’s bad and I know it! I hope you guys enjoy listening to High Highs, and adios! Angger

High Highs - Open Season (Official Video)

Zach Lipkins - Jack Milas - Oli Chang

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