Tips: How to Make Your Very-Own's Ringtones for your iPhone

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Are you ever bored of your default ringtones on your iPhone? How many times have you heard the same ringtone on someone else iPhone and thought it was your iPhone ringing? On this post, I’m gonna share you guys how to make your very own ringtones for your iPhone. I got this free and easy info from around the web, and I tried it about couple weeks ago. And I did it very well at the first trial. Okay. Let’s do it.

Step 1:
Open iTunes, and go to music library. Choose the song you’d like to use for your ringtone. As for me, I choose one of Sinatra’s great song. Right click, then select “Get Info”

Step 2:
On the section “Options” insert 30-sec part of the song you want to be your ringtone, then you’ll have to check the boxes of both “Start Time” and “Stop Time”. Click OK. Remember! It’s only 30-sec (or less). I used music player, AIMP (well, of course, you can use your fav music player), to choose 30-sec part of the song, and I saved it in notepad. I did this to other songs continuously.

Step 3:
Then, on the same song, right click and select “Create AAC Version”

Step 4:
And voila! Now you have your ringtone. But wait, it’s not finished yet! On the second same song, you could see below, it’s only less than 30-sec. And all you have to do is right-click the AAC Clip, and select “Show in Windows Explorer” (please be informed, only for this step, there’s a little bit different way between Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. I tried this steps by using Microsoft Windows, but for you guys who using Apple Mac, all you have to do is “drag” the AAC Clip to the desktop or wherever else you may want to save the file..)

Step 5:
On windows explorer or desktop – wherever you save the file, change the extension from “.m4a” to “.m4r” then confirm the change to continue. 

Step 6:
Don’t forget to reset loop time of your original song! Go back to iTunes, select the original song, right-click “Get Info.” On the section “Options”, please uncheck the boxes of both “Start Time” and “Stop Time.”

Step 7:
Also, delete the AAC Clip on your iTunes.

Step 8:
Then, add the ringtone to your iTunes library, and your ringtone is automatically added to ringtone folder in iTunes. Now, you just sync your iPhone to your iTunes library. (Note: as you could see the list below, there are few songs I created had long loops because it’s more than 30-sec, and failed to be sync, so make sure of it or you’ll regret it, and also you’ll have to doing it again from the beginning… like me! Doh!)

Step 9:
Go to your iPhone’s setting, you can see your new ringtones under the “Sound” options, set the ringtone, and you’re done!

Easy right? Happy making your ringtones from your fav songs to your iPhone... Angger

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